£1000 !!!! Thank you so much

£1000 !!!! Thank you so much

I can not say THANK YOU enough !!!! You have all been amazing. Thanks to you, we have reached our first milestone of £1000. Thanks to everyone who has given money to Pete over the last couple of days/weeks. This has definitely given me the boost I need to carry on training. So (I am going to repeat it) THANK YOU to everyone that has donated from £1 to £100 and everything in between!!!!

So can we get £2000 in 2 months ?? I have been looking at how many people read my posts, and on average, it is 300 people. I know I keep on, but your money is going to a fantastic charity, one that the family and I have had first hand experience with. Just £1 from everyone that reads my posts and we would be even closer to me riding home as well

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Follow me on my journey of life after the death of my wife and the training I am doing to raise money for Marie Curie. Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for my next blog.

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