Another Busy Week

Another Busy Week

Another busy week for me, I was unable to get to the work because of the snow. So it was a home day with the kids. As the youngest had never seen snow this deep and the older two were a lot younger since the last significant snowfall, we decided to go out and make some memories. We built some snowmen, had snowball fights. With it only being a month after Erin's birthday, the memories are still pretty raw. The kids were throwing snowballs at me as I am "an easy target" it took me back to the first time Erin had shown Zak how to make a snowball and throw it at me, it did bring a tear to my eye. With our cold faces and red hands, we decided that was enough of the snow and came back to warm up.

With the week off work, the kids and I have been able to spend some quality time together. I have also been able to have some "me", which I haven't had since the passing of Erin as I have been busy sorting bills and other adult things. Most of my "me" time usually means being sat in front of a computer writing code for one of my projects. At the end of the week, the snow had started clearing, and I was able to get back to the gym.

The first thing I needed to do was to go and get myself weighed. I have put on a little bit since the last weigh-in, have gone from 95.9kg (15st 1lb) to 96.6kg (15st 2lb) but my body fat has stayed the same, so it proves that the training is starting to pay off as the muscle mass has gained.

On Monday 5th, I had a one to one session with Dean, my personal trainer. As there are less than 3 months to our challenge, Dean has started to up the workouts and gave me a tough "leg day". I have now discovered muscles that I didn't know were there but, Dean tells me that I will benefit from it when I am cycling.

Tuesday saw me back in the gym to meet an old school friend and my new gym buddy. I miss heard what time we were meeting and turned up an hour before I should have done. The gym was doing a "Row a Marathon" for Cancer Research; not my chosen charity but still a worthy cause. So I decided that I would pass the time by having a row. Well this turned into an hours row, and just over 1 mile later my gym buddy turned up and asked if I was ready for a workout, I decided that after the last two days I wouldn't do much training apart from short cycles to and from town

On Saturday, we went to see Erin's family and decided that I would take my bike as the roads are flatter where they live. Pete and myself went for a 21-mile cycle, one of the longest cycles I have been, and although we had a bit of a headwind on the way home, it was a nice ride.

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