Getting Ready for the big day

Getting Ready for the big day

So yesterday was a massive emotional day, with it being a year since Erin passed away. Like last year the kids had gone to school as they felt it would be better for them, and there is no point in them being at home when they can be with their friends, which left me at home with my thoughts.

Most of my day today I have been busy at work, but then in the evening I have been checking the bike over and making sure the route is OK.

I have to say again a massive thank you to Tracey and the team at Studio Print Dorchester for getting our support teams t-shirts done in a bit of a rush 😊 you lot have been amazing.

Also a massive thank you to Dean Edwards Personal Training for believing in me and pushing me when needed, I know you say I was the one that put the effort in but if it wasn't for you I would of given up ages ago.

And again thank you to you lot, we have now smashed our target, we are currently on £2182. Please feel free to keep donating as every penny helps the Marie Curie UK nurses do their amazing jobs.

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Follow me on my journey of life after the death of my wife and the training I am doing to raise money for Marie Curie. Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for my next blog.

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