Six days later

Six days later

So the blog has been live for six days, a lot has happened. I have been to the gym quite a bit, and I have quite a bit of weight to shift before I jump out of a plane. I have been for my first cycle outside the gym with my older brother. It may have only been 8 miles but, still, I have discovered that the bike I am borrowing may not be right for cycling on the road. I have also realised I need to do a lot more hill work. I have plenty of planned routes around the Dorset countryside that I would like to try out in the next coming months to test out my fitness.

I have placed an order with Studio Print for some hi-viz clothing so you will all be able to see me as I am out and about. When we do the challenge, we are all going to be wearing matching tops.

Marie Curie is a great charity and cannot do their work without the funds. It's not something people like to talk about, and I am sure everyone who reads this will know someone who has had cancer. Although cancer research is doing a great job of finding new drugs to help beat cancer, some people are suffering now. Marie Curie nurses do not just look after patients with cancer; they work tirelessly to care for anyone with an end of life illness.

Please remember to donate, and if you are a UK taxpayer, please remember to gift aid as well, to date you have raised an extra £88.50 just in gift aid.

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Follow me on my journey of life after the death of my wife and the training I am doing to raise money for Marie Curie. Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for my next blog.

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